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We are currently accepting all manner of classes and age. If you like to have fun, enjoy a game with friends and enjoy team work, then you are a member for us. You can find us on Vent(Ventrilo) Please see the link below this box - Ventrilo Server Info.
Game News
Legion Greetings
- Greetings -

Hello and Welcome to the Tormented Legion. We hope that you are comfortable while looking at and explore the many amenities we have to offer. As always our hope is that if you are not part of our family, that you should be, hope to see you around.

We are dedicated to furthering the Sith's Control over the Galaxy as well as our own. We are a casual-friendly, Light Roleplaying guild that focuses on establishing a tightly knit, drama-free community with the intention of having fun as our first and foremost priority. We do conduct PvP mainly with the PvE next in line. We hold ourselves to be quite well-rounded and versatile in all knowledge of the game, the force, and you. We strive to eliminate the ideals associated with mega-guilds where you are nothing more than a number, forced to specialize your class a certain way to fill a niche. To this end, our recruitment efforts ensure every single member of the guild is dedicated to that same cause.

- Who were looking for -

We are searching for people who would like a social safe haven to be in while playing such a massive game. Potential members are those who want to be friends, participate in activities both in the guild and outside the guild. We believe in giving back to the community. IF you do to, then YOU are the perfect member.

- Our Goals -

Our main goal is to bring a family atmosphere to being a member of the Tormented Legion community. We believe that being a part of a guild is not about having a job to do but to enjoy playing with those around you and to have all the resources and activities of a guild at your disposal.

- Areas of focus -

All facets of the game...With strong concentration on PvP, then PvE, and Light RPing, the Tormented Legion takes great pride in enjoying all parts of the game. There will be weekly as well as monthly events scheduled that cater to all sorts of play-styles and activities.

Thank you,
Lord Silas
Guild News


Lord Silas, Dec 21, 11 4:50 PM.
The Game has launched and we are now going to start picking up momentum. People are encouraged to get involved and make this guild a wonderful place to be.

I will be holding private interviews with those who wish to be of higher rank in the Legion. Higher Rank Benefits will be granted after the promotion is complete and is accepted by me.

Lord Silas

New Alliance!!!

Lord Silas, Sep 9, 11 11:46 AM.
On behalf of the Tormented Legion, I am proud to announce that we are now allies with Geek Squad, a fellow guild. Good friends of mine are there and together we will rock everyone else.

Thank you,
Lord Silas

Ventrilo Server Status Error

Lord Silas, Aug 6, 11 10:18 PM.
Hello everyone. I know you are possibly wondering what the issue is with the Ventrilo Server Status tool is. I am told it is an issue that many are having and Typefrag Development Teams are looking into the matter and will have it resolved shortly. Ventrilo appears to still be working, it is just the status link tool is not working properly.

Thank you,
Lord Silas
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